New Dev Blog!

Hi everyone!
Soooo it was a year ago! Better late than never  :)

What have we been up to lately?
Well, as most of you know we have been really busy building and releasing the iOS and Android apps and we’re releasing an update soon with new and improved features. We also made a huge server move during the fall, moving our servers into the cloud to easier maintain and expand our infrastructure.

So what about the web and the core game?
Well it’s not 100% focus on that right now but things are happening. We’ve had some new features sneaking out during the winter/spring.
* Pregame comments – You can now start banter before a game is even played!
* The team quota – We removed the difference between Own leagues and Private Leagues. This quota is now one; so as VIP you could before have 1 Xpert team, 3 Private teams and 2 Own leagues. This is change to 1 Xpert team and 5 Private teams (no matter if you are league admin or not). Non-VIP starts with 1 Xpert 3 Private and can gain 2 more Private with good xpert rating. We also increased the limit for buying extra team from 3 to 10.
* Other bits and piece like: increased maximum team parts from 3-8-8-6 to 4-10-10-6 (GK-D-MF-A), changed from 30 as maximum shirtnr to 99.

The three things we had in the pipeline at the time of my last blog entry made it into the day of light:
* The Greatest 11 – where you can save a formation of your best or most rememberable players
* Season stat overview – a summary of some stats from a season, including the final standing
* League merge! – a much awaited feature where you can merge two private leagues into one

So how about the future?
* Well we have finally started to look into the game engine itself and we have some upcoming tweaks coming out soon. It’s a delicate subject so we will be careful not to rock the boat too much at the time.
* New Special skill! Yes we’re adding a new special skill into the game. More info further ahead.
* AI Managers. We have at the moment a prototype for AI Managers; that are able to select a half decent lineup, train players, collect sponsor money and even try to buy players from the market if the squad starts to look too thin. The first plan for these managers are the possibility to add them to your league to fill it up to 6 players; so you can start a season. These teams can then be taken over at anytime.
* Make the league format from the apps available on the web. Today the app leagues are able to have 3 league games per week and have the cost and length of training scaled to fit the league format (including some other values as well). We want to bring this to the web as well and of course make the leagues created on the app available on the web as well.

Well that’s what I had to say at the moment.


Quick fix for crashing Squad

We’re really sorry, but unfortunately the crashing bug for the squad won’t be fixed until next release. We’ve got a quick fix that solves it for now, if you’re willing to shift from 12 hour time to 24 hour on your phone.

This is how to do it:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to General
  3. Go to Date and Time and select 24 hour format



Hi everyone!
I’m Saarde, main developer at Xpert Eleven.
Some of you might have seen me answer in the forums :)
As this blog was kinda dead I took it on myself to actually put something useful to read up here.
So this, ladies and gentlemen, is my first devblog:

Late last year I was very busy upgrading all the platforms on which Xpert Eleven runs so we are prepared for the future.
We’ve had some road bumps along the way but we succeded in the end.
We also had the database merge, which was a big endeavour; but a needed one (to open up for stuff we are doing now)

So what’s been happening here at X11 lately?

Well at the moment a lot of work is aimed at the (new) mobile apps.
We have both iPhone and Android developers working on the actual apps for each plattform.
I’m on the other hand working on the API that the apps will use to talk to our system, and there’s lots to do on that front as well I can tell you :)

Meanwhile we also try to develop and fix stuff for the website. We do have some nice things in the pipeline.
Things I can give a heads up on that are coming soon are:

* League merge
- this for private leagues only of course
- an admin can post an interest in a merge and then other manager can respond
- some things WILL be lost when merging, such as league history from the league that was merge from
- we still got a few things to test out on this so we might release it as a “beta” feature at first

* Season stat overview
- a new page showing some summary stats from the season
- will including stuff like; most spent on transfer, most efficient team, most goals in a game etc)
- it will also contain the end standing table, so you can use it to watch previous season standings (at least from the point where we started to save this stuff, which we already do)

* Hall of Fame
- A new Hall of Fame per team !
- Here you will be able to save a hall of fame eleven
- When a player is put up on the hall of fame; his/her (current) total stats will be saved in the HoF and retain there even if the player is gone (sacked/quit etc) (until you remove him/her at which point the player will leave the X11 history for ever)

So these are the main things we have in store for you at the moment.

// Saarde


The database merge went fine almost a month ago. All private leagues are now in the same database which will lead to more players on the transfer market, more fair player values and easier maintenance for us. Last weeks we have also added player injury stats which let you see all injuries your players ever had on the individual player pages.

Last week we have created a new feature for the transfer market that probably will be used by some. We also added a new stats feature that will be a lot of fun. These new features will probably be implemented in about 2 weeks.

The new iPhone app is moving forward as well. As said earlier we have 2 new developers that works only with this and it looks great.

Merged transfer is coming

We’re currently working with merging all private leagues to one database. So what does this mean? Currently different private leagues are set up on different databases, meaning they each have their own transfer market. This also makes it impossible to challenge teams in another database. This will change:

This also makes the maintenance a bit easier for us. The official leagues will not be affected by this change. Since it’s a really big thing we will need to take down the site for a while during the update, but more information will come when we’re getting closer. We will announce the update at least one week before we plan to do it.

Another Facebook competition

“Guess the date” when we have 40 000 who likes Xpert Eleven on Facebook has now ended. A lot of users commented to have a chance of winning 1 month of VIP. 20 users have now been selected. Please contact us from your facebook account and tell us your username and we will add the VIP.

  • Liam Howlett
  • Gaurav Korde
  • Attila-Geza Bagoly
  • Benjamin Mahoney
  • Ola Ignazio Lindholm
  • Catalin Gheorghe
  • Adrian Ilie Aichimoaie
  • Niklas Persson
  • Andreas Harrysson
  • Markus Andersson
  • Leonardo Hernández Córdoba
  • Massimiliano de Carlo
  • Rodney Skeemer
  • Dylan Edwards
  • Tarun Didjey
  • Mark Sadler
  • Steve Elston
  • Rama Healing
  • Billy Muir
  • David Nobrega


30 000 likes on our Facebook page

We’d also love some feedback about the Time Zone Support. Are you using it? Is it any good?

Facebook competition

“Which player would you have picked” seems like a fun competition for all. A lot of users commented to have a chance of winning 1 month of VIP. 10 users have now been selected. Please contact us from your facebook account and tell us your username and we will add the VIP.

X11 Mobile Beta App

As some of you probably noticed we recently asked people to sign up to try the upcoming iOS X11 app. We then randomly selected a bunch of managers who have been testing the app for a while.

We’re working on fixing all bugs and some other improvements. For now we want the testers not to disclose any information, but as soon as we’ve come a bit further we’ll show you more.

Since last time

Quite a lot has happened since our last post in here. This blog was intended to be frequently updated but we have not been able to keep it that way. It´s not good and that´s why we give this a second try. So, what happened since last time, here´s a summary.

These are the main changes lately. We are always working hard to add new things or correct/change existing features. Atm we spend quite a lot of time with the iPhone app.